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From contracts to planning applications, conveyancing, environmental issues, roads, public land, the right's of landlords and tenants and beyond – the complex and diverse elements of the law related to the use of land and the construction, maintenance, sale and use of property are all covered in our portfolio.

Written by experts our unrivalled collection is available to you as books, regularly updated looseleafs, encyclopaedias and journals. Key titles include Property Law Bulletin which is a quick authoritative source of reference providing updates on everything of importance affecting property law and practice. Commercial Property Development Precedents sets out carefully drafted contracts and clauses for funding land acquisition; design and building construction, including project management and the development of the property, including the agreement for sale.

Megarry & Wade is the leading title on real property and in land law; Gale on Easements focuses on all aspects of the law relating to easements; Gadsden on Commons and Greens is the sole authoritative treatise on the law of commons, towns and village greens and Preston and Newsom provides comprehensive guidance on restricted covenants as they relate to freehold land.

Many of our key works are also available online through our cutting-edge legal research service, Westlaw UK.