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Civil Fraud
Civil Fraud
Law, Practice & Procedure
ISBN:  9780414039445
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  30 Nov 2017
Format:  Hardback
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CivilFraud: Law, Practice & Procedure is designed tobe the primary port of call for all practitionersconducting a civil fraud case.  It dealswith the subject in a comprehensive manner, combining in-depth legal analysis witha solidly practical approach. The authors focus throughout on the real-life situations which litigantsin this area regularly encounter and offer effective guidance on the complex practicaland procedural issues which can arise.

The book starts withan examination of common factual and legal scenarios in a fraud case, which canbe difficult to navigate even for the most experienced litigators. Theremainder of the text develops the legal, practical and procedural issuesflowing from such scenarios.

The authors, drawingon a wealth of experience in litigating fraud claims, bring together the disparateareas of the law that fall under the label “fraud”, from the substantive causesof action – common law, restitutionary and equitable claims and claims arisingunder statute – through to remedies. It provides a full and comprehensible treatmentof the myriad procedural swords and shields which can be used in fraudlitigation, including freezing orders, proprietary and other injunctions,search orders, receivership, ancillary orders and the increasingly-usedcontempt jurisdiction. The book also considers the key international aspects ofcivil fraud litigation. This is a primary ‘single source’ point of referencewhich avoids the need to navigate a whole series of texts in a field wherepractitioners often work under considerable time pressure.

Civil Fraud: Law, Practice& Procedure works as a road map to take the practitioner from the moment of initial instructionsthrough to a completed legal and practical analysis, whether at the various interlocutorystages, or at trial. 

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