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Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency
Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency
Number of volumes: 2
Practice Area:  Insolvency
ISBN:  9780420475602
Last Release: Jan 2017 / Next Release: Sep 2017
Subscription Information: 3 releases a year, Calendar year
Format:  Looseleaf
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Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency is the definitive reference work on personal insolvency. Containing the full text of all relevant legislation and insolvency rules, and reporting all relevant judgments, it provides comprehensive answers to the often-asked questions on this area.
* A complete picture of the law as it stands
* Expert interpretation of legislation, case law and court decisions
* Three yearly updating releases inform subscribers of the latest developments in personal insolvency
* Updated material to keep subscribers informed of the changes to personal insolvency legislation

In the coming months there will be covering in the work of numerous changes and developments, including:

- Proposals implemented following consultations by the Insolvency Service on reforming debtor petitions (including: removal of court involvement from certain petitions and ‘in personam’ hearings)
- Proposals implemented following consultations by the Insolvency Service on reforming debtor petitions (including: removal of court involvement from certain petitions and ‘in personam’ hearings)
- Inclusion of materials relating to the recently implemented Enforcement Restriction Orders. By such orders a debtor would be eligible for court protection to stop repaying debts providing he can demonstrate, by the end of court protection, that there would be a reasonable expectation that a payment plan could be entered into. This is a significant change to the current status and, when formally introduced, will be the subject of swift judicial consideration.
- Further implementation of proposals dealing with debt and borrowing implemented by the Insolvency Service with a focus on the further use of debt relief orders.
- Commentary affected by implementation of the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010 making it easier and less expensive for a third party claimant to recover compensation from the insurer of a defendant without first having to institute proceedings against the insured. These changes will affect liability insurers and insurers pursuing subrogated recovery actions.  Principally an insurance legislation, the effects on underwriters and, therefore, insolvency should be of interest to our readership.

  • The development of English bankruptcy law
  • Tables of cases, statutes, statutory instruments and court rules
  • Insolvency Act 1986
  • The Insolvency Rules
  • Practice directions and statements
  • Pre-1986 statutes
  • Deeds of arrangement
  • Insolvent partnerships
  • Administration of estates
  • Post-1986 statutes
  • EC regulation
  • Other rules and orders

As per our renewal policy your subscription will automatically renew each year – please see our Terms of Trading for full details.


The value of this work is that it does not evade some of the hard questions, and gives the reader a reasonable indication of whether or not he will win or lose. - Business & Assets
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