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Stroud's Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases
Stroud's Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases
9th Edition
Practice Area:  Reference
ISBN:  9780414057418
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
General Editor:Daniel Greenberg
Publication Date:  24 Nov 2016
Format:  Paperback, eBook - ProView
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eBook - ProView
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The ability to define words and phrases precisely is critical for any lawyer. Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary allows the practitioner to have quick access to the exact, authoritative meaning of terms.

• Provides the judicial definitions of terms or words established in decided cases or statutes
• An authoritative guide to the present construction of words and phrases occurring in legislation, decided cases and other legal documents
• Sets out, where applicable, the evolution of a term’s meaning
• Assists practitioners in construing legislation and other documents or in the drafting of documents
• A practical source of guidance for the setting out of definitions of particular concepts in the drafting of contracts and other legal documents
• Comprehensive coverage across three volumes of terms from the obscure to the everyday
• Includes both historic and contemporary terms
• Where a term is used in a number of legal areas the entry is broken down and sub-divided to ensure ease of use
• The text is regularly updated via supplementation
• Linked and common terms are cross-referenced ensuring different usage of words is covered
• Also includes references to definitions contained in statutes 
• Entries are reviewed and examined to ensure the work contains only terms that will be of assistance to modern research

The new edition brings readers up to date on recent judicial and statutory definitions, including words that form key parts of the legal machinery and other expressions that happen to have been of importance in particular cases and may assist in the resolution of disputes or the drafting of contracts and other legal documents.


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